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Whats Instapaper Up To?

★★★★ A review from my blog. Instapaper - App Review by Sahil Goel. Size. 26MB Version. iOS 6.1 & above Reading a news article and bugged by all the news feeds flashing on your screen? Enjoying an article and don’t want to be bothered with the never ending onscreen sharing buttons. Then “INSTAPAPER” is the app for you. A cross platform app that can sync your smartphone and PC/Mac together for clutter free and smooth reading experience. With Instapaper you can transform any webpage into an Instapaper article which will then be synced with your account over the cloud and will be visible on your each connected device. Here is their website to get you started with Instapaper. Why I like Instapaper? The UI is clean, simple and minimalistic.The UI is similar to “Dropbox”. Creating an account is a simple one step process, enter your email choose a password and you have your account up and running. A default article would guide you through a step by step process of setting up Instapaper on your devices.Add instapaper as a bookmark in your browser and save your current webpage in your instapaper account by clicking on this bookmark button(See how easy is that). Directly email your articles to your unique instapaper email account. Clean listing of your articles Browse the trending articles Sorting your articles How do I use Instapaper? There is extension available for every browser, including the mobile versions of each browser. Clicking on the options menu on the top left side will slide in the navigation menu from the left hand side. Here you can navigate to your home, see archived article, see liked articles, create new folders and browse the trending articles on Instapaper. Adding and deleting folder is as easy as it can get. The settings button at the bottom opens up the setting menu for you which let you choose from the multiple options and customizing your Instapaper account with themes, scrolling pattern, sync with social network,instructions, premium account etc etc. From homepage you can swipe from left to get quick options for your article. You can even manage your homepage articles by sorting and editing them. While reading you can change the font, font size, line spacing, indentation and even the brightness. Loading of app and download from the cloud is smooth and fast. I haven’t experienced any unwanted crashes or bugs till now. What I want more from this? A feature that really disappoints me about the instapaper is the inclusion of “search bar” in the premium version instead of basic version. Search box is something that is too frequently used and is more of a necessity than a luxury. So it would be better if the search bar was in free version. Even if you find something missing in the Instapaper and would like it toadded then please comment below and let us know. A clean simplistic option menu Quick font and alignment settings Here are the quick links to download INSTAPAPER on your device Play store. Instapaper App store. Instapaper Award-winning iPhone/iPad app for offline reading Other Competing apps. do have a look at them and tell us which is your pick. Pocket, Readability. Our Rating. 7.5 /10 Criteria. UI 4 Setting up 4.5 Updates & support 4 Features 4 ‘how to use’ tutorial 4.5 Free features 3.5 Follow the blog to get app reviews on your mail. Contact us if you want us to review your app.

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