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What Were Traditional Gender Roles In The 1950s?

T aren't universally considered only harmful to women. The main point is “who is telling the story.” Mostly it has been feminists fighting for women's rights. Many feminists consider traditional gender roles to be harmful to everyone. Many redical “feminazi" types, however, and some of their slightly muted analogues, really don't care about some gender t aren't going to get anything out of immediately. There is either not something “worthwhile to gain" or perhaps worse, it is viewed as better to be hostile and divisive. It's a bit cowardly, and not feminist by the dictionary definition of seeking equality. Numerous Men's Rights groups often make note of how far behind Men's Rights and freedoms are. Looking around you. Women wear skirts, pants and heck, whatever t want. Men can't get away with that - t will be beaten, ridiculed, harassed, arrested, fired (etc). (Dont expect men to get sympathy tho. That's not socially acceptable as men have to be tough and autonomous, and never cry!) But that's just about what kind of fabric you cover yourself in. Other issues arent better. Men really need an equivallent movement to what women have already had, to wake themselves and society up. We need better gender equality, and that can only happen by allowing everyone freedoms. As it stands, we have toxic masculinity, where men are pressurecooked into a hazardous and narrow definition of what it means to be “ a man" and t are ridiculed should t try to deviate. It is unhealthy, for the men, for society as a unit, and of course for women.

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Advocates of low-fat lifestyles believe that being over the weight is healthier, and the fact that women over the weight is actually more attractive. So a woman is the one who is fat, but the others look hot, so they have to suffer? I guess it is all very natural! If I had a goldfish and decided to cut off half its fins, you would expect it to look like a normal goldfish. But if you ask it why it is not normal goldfish, it will tell you it lost all the fins of the other fish. How did the other goldfishes get their fins back? If you cut off every one of its fins, the other goldfish will look like it would rather live than be hurt.

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