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What Should I Do If I Cant Afford The Hindu Option For The Upsc?

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What Should I Do If I Cant Afford The Hindu Option For The Upsc?

A to A. There are some ways to evaluate your reading of The Hindu. Just collect 2/3 years previous papers of preliminary and mains exam
observe the pattern and analyse UPSC's demand regarding Current events. Never read editorials fully. Yes you read it correct. Never ever read it fully. It will plant the writer's thought in your mind. Just take the subject or topic from editorial. And now search or analyse it by your own way. Read The Hindu throughly even read it's extra. And try to make question on each topic in your mind. Leave these topics which are not important
 like Controversy, Politics, Some Sports, Movies, Regional news. Read some off beat news like any treaty with typical name, any new discovery in medicines, Noble prices, Economic news, Art and Culture of India etc
hope you got my point. Any news regarding India and our society is most important. Specially any new government policy, Scheme, any walfare news. Positive ones require your attention. Do healthy discussion. Avoid arguments with anyone. But don't give more time to it. Just try to think on every news or events happening around us and it's effect our society or our country. Try to make questions from it. Read-STUDY-Repeat. Choose any good mentor to showcase your views regarding Current events of India and international events. Thank-you.

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