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What Is The State Of The Art In Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction?

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What Is The State Of The Art In Unsupervised Keyphrase Extraction?

In supervised learning, there is a large data set which has everything the learner could need. It has documents together with all the relations between words and the text you want. The learner needs to learn how to perform this task on unseen documents. In semi-supervised learning, you have a large set of documents, and for a smaller subset of these, you have all the data. In unsupervised learning, the learner only has documents. It can look for interesting patterns which underlie the data. These patterns could be meaningful, but t could also be random artifacts. When enough data is present, it will be easier to identify meaningful patterns. However, without a supervisor looking at the patterns, the algorithm will not be able to give any meaning to it. For example, it could find that the words 'president', 'Obama' and 'Barack' often co-occur, or one occurs in situations where another also is typically found (an indicator that t might be synonyms). In general it cannot find that this describes a person.

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I am not sure of the best method. I have a suspicion that what you are implying by the topic models is that it will make use of word counts. Would the topic models take into account multiple word counts, such as word counts using multiple contexts, or sentence contexts, etc? Do they use a feature based approach or a fixed size feature that counts words? If it counts words, are these counted or just words as a whole, or are they also counts of subclasses of words? What is the best way to handle multiple subclasses of words? Finally, where would the output of the feature analysis be? How much output should be produced and what form will the output take? How many topics should you do and how many topics should each topic model produce? And for each topic model to produce output, how many tags are.

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