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What Is The Significance Of Using A Priority Queue In Dijkstras?

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What Is The Significance Of Using A Priority Queue In Dijkstras?

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I can't explain any mathematical reason (except the fact that DS has much better compile time then for example binary search, which I understand is a very common problem) for why they used such a DS to achieve such high efficiency. Perhaps they will publish an updated/improved version of their algorithm, but since I can't explain it, I don't think I will. Why is this important then? Well, it means that in some classes of graphs a DS in linear time takes O(MN) time when implemented using such DS (in other words they can't compete with the same algorithm for solving the same class of graphs if the solution is guaranteed). If we want the fastest algorithm for finding the minimum for a given class of graphs using linear space of vertices as defined in Section 3.3.1 in Appendix, we must use such DS! In other words, this means.

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