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What Are Some Unanswered Legitimate Questions Regarding The Fall Of?

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What Are Some Unanswered Legitimate Questions Regarding The Fall Of?

The 9/11 widows gave the 9/11 Commission 300 questions, and were assured by Commissioner Gorelick that these would constitute a roadmap for the investigation. When t read the report t found that 200 of their questions had been ignored, 73 had received responses that were not answers, and only 27 questions had been answered. The warning named names of two alleged 9/11 pilots and two alleged 9/11 hijackers. We don’t know how many names the warning named. We don’t know why FBI officials who obstructed investigations that might have helped to prevent the 9/11 op were not disciplined, or why some of them were even promoted. The government investigators of the skyscraper collapses have refused to provide information about their thermal-expansion calculations, claiming that these would jeopardize public safety. T have also refused to release visualizations of their computer models of the towers. The government has not explained what the New York Times called “perhaps the deepest mystery of the investigation”—the presence in the rubble pile of structural steel that appears to have been partially evaporated. The investigators of the skyscraper collapses claim that t did not analyze the collapses of the towers. We need investigations that analyze the collapses. We need any calculations and any computer models t did on the towers’ collapses. We also need the complete computer models t did on the collapse of WTC7, showing the entire model of the entire collapse. We need answers to the ten mysteries of the towers’ collapses.1. Symmetry 2. Totality 3. Speed 4. The Arrested rotation of the tipping top of WTC2, contrary to Newton's 1st Law 5. High-speed ejections of pulverized building materials from isolated windows as much as 40 stories below the collapse zone 6. Multi-ton building components hurled hundreds of feet laterally at 50 mph 7. The complete pulverization of 180,000 tons of concrete floors 8. the collapse of the robust lower core, built to hold up 60 stories above it, under nothing more than its own weight after the rest of the building had fallen 9. The presence of melted or molten steel in the rubble pile, as testified to by 5 PhDs and an FDNY Captain 10. The presence of partially "evaporated" steel, characterized by the New York Times as "perhaps the deepest mystery uncovered in the investigation." We need information on the configuration of the rubble pile of WTC7, which would provide data illuminating the building’s collapse mechanism. We need to know why US officials were seemingly caught flat-footed by a plot that had been known since 1995 and when there were warnings from 12 foreign countries, 4 FBI offices, and the CIA. We need to know why Osama and 1600 al Qaeda warriors were allowed to walk out of Tora Bora into Pakistan in late 2001. We need to know the details about the CIA Director’s statement in 2005 that he had an excellent idea of where Osama was, and he wasn’t going after him.

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The report does not address the collapse of the North Tower (1 World Trade Center) which, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) did not occur in the usual way. The report does not provide an explanation for the unusually large quantity of free-fall dust at ground zero. And the report omits information that makes much more sense for the collapse of the Towers than their collapse as a result of plane impact. The authors of the Report do not explain the unusual temperature rise of the steel at ground zero. And it omits explanations for the bizarre failure of a plane to hit a tower it had hit a minute later, yet there was a hole, and no other wreckage, at the WTC's other impact sites in the vicinity of the second impact at the Pentagon and at the Shanksville Pennsylvania crash site. Why did the 9/11 report have so.

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