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Theres A New Study About The Ancient Egyptians Dna To Noble?

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Theres A New Study About The Ancient Egyptians Dna To Noble?

DNA results didnt say that modern day Egyptian people arent related to the ancient Egyptians. In fact t all agree that Egyptians are still place with the only small difference of a 8 precent ssafrican shift which was absent in Ancient Egypt and therefor much closer to Europeans or more specific Greek and cypriotes in this study. This european in this study is related to the EEF. EEF/Early European farmers who moved to Europe from Anatolia during the Neolithic period. Neolithic Anatolians cluster closest to ancient and modern Europeans and most closely to Southern Europeans as this is where 1/3/-1/4th of their ancestry is derived. The earliest Neolithic central Anatolians belonged to the same gene pool as the first Neolithic migrants spreading into Europe. Genomic material showed that ancient Egyptians closest relatives were people living during the Neolithic and Bronze ages in an area known as the the Levant" There was ancient back migration into Africa via the Levant corridor. Early North African Cattle Domestication and Its Ecological Setting. A Reassessment It's these same ancient people from the fertile crescent that migrated and populated other regions Levant Neolithic is 1/3 European, that's why ancient Egyptians at Abusir are 1/3 European. Ancient Egyptian mummy genomes suggest an increase of Sub-Saharan African ancestry in post-Roman periods Modern Egyptians do share continuity with ancient Egyptians, but only 80% "Strikingly, the mummies were more closely related to ancient Europeans and Anatolians than to modern Egyptians." Not modern Turks, but ancient Turks which were Neolithic Anatolians aka EEF (Early European Farmer). EEF is a type of mediterranian from Anatolia, the original mediterranean population. When comparing modern day Europeans scientists have found that “europeans” are closer to ancient Egyptians in the PCA. This is about components from the middle east, ancient Anatolia that european share , same as the people of the levant and North Africa. its old from the neolithic, europeans have lots of neolithic genes. There is no evidence that the indigenous people have been replaced.

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