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Should You Use A PDF For Content On Websites?

In my experience, the solution you are already using is one of the best out there, for sure in the free and on prem realm. What I’ve found is that there’s a number of steps you can take prior to feeding a page to wkhtmltopdf to make exports look consistently nice. This is especially true if your tables come from a single app and can be tweaked with the same logic to ensure t render well. Even in the realm of commercial solutions, consistency is difficult when HTML markup can vary by miles. So what you have a typical challenge where 10% of the work gives you 90% of what you want, and the remaining 90% of the work is going to help you get closer (but not quite) to 100%.

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

If there was a way to use more logic outside the table markup, this would be a good thing, as you may be using your table as a source of other markup as well.

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