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Is There An Easy Way To Extract All Graphics Out Of A PDF File?

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Is There An Easy Way To Extract All Graphics Out Of A PDF File?

If you want a page image, then use and drag the mouse over what you want to save into the paste buffer. Open an editor (like MS Word, or Word-Pad, or Paint) and paste the image into it. Then save. If you want the text and the PDF is in text format, Highlight what you want and paste it into Word or Word-Pad and save.

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

If, on a separate line, you have a paragraph like the one below, you can use the “Text” or “Outline” button in Word or Paint to add one to the end of the paragraph. “I love this shirt.” “A man named Bob has a beautiful wife named Mary. She's a terrific cook — and he always cooks for her.” “A young man called Robert loves his wife more than life itself. For more than twenty years he has been working towards the goal of creating a thriving family. His dream is now within reach, but all is not well at home...” “Mary and Bob spend all their time together — on their holidays and in their house. Mary has been a nurse since she was just seventeen years old. Her brother and sister work in the hospital, and it only makes sense that she should have a career of her own.

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