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Is It Possible To Convert Hard Copy Books Into Soft Copies?

What is softcopy? Softcopy is basically the electronic form of document which can be viewed on any electronic devices,one that doesn't exist in physical form or on paper is known as soft copy. Soft copy when converted into printed form then it is known as hard copy. Soft copies are often seen as less vulnerable than hard copies of a document. T are, in some ways, much more durable. a hard copy can be twisted, folded, dirtied, burnt, lost or torn, A soft copy, placed in a proper hardware structure, remains immune to all of these circumstances practically forever. However, soft copies also do have their limitations, some related to the aging or destruction of hardware systems. How do you convert a book into soft copy? There can be two ways to convert a book into soft copy Scan the whole book page by page with the help of scanner. Type the whole book’s content as it is on your computer in the Ms-Word or any other text processing application you want .

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

However, it's a good idea to have these applications loaded on laptops that have a larger space available because most documents can take up to about 10 MB. If you're not careful, you may have to scan your entire work space. When you're finished, there might be a few hours of work at least. If your machine is powerful, you may also have to convert the document to PDF, so you don't run out of disk space during the scan. However, this is often not a problem if you have fast internet. One also has to keep in mind that OCR might not convert files that are too small or too large. This has been the case in the past, but it appears it may have been resolved with the release of Adobe Acrobat Professional. If you're scanning documents manually, the first thing to always use is a high.

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