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In A Font I Found Embedding Restricted Caution?

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In A Font I Found Embedding Restricted Caution?

There is NO hard and fast answer to your question. It is utterly relative - each font can have a different apparent size and depending on the size-scale you set your powerpoint up with, the same font ‘size’ can appear vastly different. INSTEAD - focus on perception and how much information people can actually absorb. Make sure the content of your slide is minimal, informative, and essential. People watch YouTube on phones, in a small window on a PC, full-screen on ChromeCast or Apple TV. Plan for the lowest common denominator, but still be appealing in other contexts. You will know you are succeeding if you focus on ONE idea per slide with minimal distraction. If someone has to pause playback to read your slides, there is FAR too much information on them. There are many other factors as well - is your presentation simply slides set to music? Are you narrating the whole time? Does it cut from slides to the presenter on camera? All of these change how the information is absorbed. One important rule - if the slides play with no one speaking to them, test your video on ANYONE other than you. You know your information inside and out (ideally) so you will ‘read’ them much faster than someone who is trying to digest what you are telling them for the first time. As the quote that Albert Einstein maybe said goes. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.”

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