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How Do I Go About Extracting PDF Text?

Ok so few days ago I did work on a project that extracted text from pdf using python . Though I can’t share the code but I can share my approach towards the problem. There are certain things to consider while handling pdfs,not all pdfs are same . Some pdf files comes with text data ,like bills and other computer generated rdocuments. These are searchable pdfs text can be extracted from these pdfs but there are certain pdfs like the ones you create from scanned documents which are not searchable. To extract text you need to have text data in the pdf. To extract text from seachable pdf I would recommend you to use libraries like pdfplumber. And to extract text from scanned documents saved as pdf you can take different approaches either you can convert the pdf to jpeg ond use ocr for this method I would suggest you use libraries like pdf2image then once the pdf is converted you can apply OCR to extract the text .For ocr you can use tesseract engine . or You can even convert the scanned pdf to searchable pdf or sandwitched pdf . libraries like ocrmypdf can come handy for this process . once the pdf is converted extract thetext with pdf plumber. Thankyou

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

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