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How Do I Fix A Printer Driver That Is Unavailable On Windows 10?

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How Do I Fix A Printer Driver That Is Unavailable On Windows 10?

Aubrey, one of 2 things or both. either your OS [Operating System] is too old, an old version of Windows or MAC, your printer itself is too old or possibly both things. In any event, take it from me, a driver exists somewhere and the trick is to find it. Believe it o not, a couple of weeks ago, I had a client who insisted on using his dot-matrix Panasonic printer manufactured in 1992 on Windows XP! I looked for a generic driver for dot-matrix printers and found a bunch of them. It was a long job to install each and every driver, try it then uninstall it until I found one for some unknown brand from Romania or Hungary and the printer happily printed a test page! The client was ecstatic. I did mention to him that he would have a hard time to find cartridges but he said he could find anything he put his mind to. So, Aubrey don’t give up but be warned you will have to spend a lot of time if your situation is similar to the ones I described above. Good luck!

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Go back to Devices and Printers” and select “Printer”. Click the “Next” button. Then click ‬Next.”””” Click ‬Scan Now”. If the printer is not available, select not and click ‬Yes. After the next page, enter the network name or IP address of your printer and click next. In the scan Now page the I have this software ‐ line can be used. After that, choose your ‑Scan‟ configuration. If you selected use Printer Online, ‟ your printer is set to start a wizard. If you selected ‑No‟, your printer is not ready. The wizard will proceed to run the printer setup. Once the printer is set, please use this option Troubleshoot and repair HP printer settings. If it was set as printer Online, ‟ follow check for available devices to check for your HP Printer model. If it was set as.

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