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How Do I Convert A PDF File To A Vector File For Free?

WhatsApp does not allow to convert or export WhatsApp messages as PDF. T only allow you to export your chats as .txt file. I discovered this when my lawyer asked me to save my text and WhatsApp conversations somewhere so that we can print them later. I found many articles that recommend you to export WhatsApp messages to a text file first and then convert the text file to PDF. But t don’t mention about how bad the formatting will look after converting it to PDF. Anyway, I found this another article about exporting WhatsApp messages to PDF document. It is about using a desktop tool that can transfer WhatsApp conversations to PDF & several other formats. It is available for Android and iOS. I tried the tool for exporting my iPhone WhatsApp chat history, and it did a pretty decent job. Formatting is good and the chats are neatly organised. I just took a screenshot. Take a look. Note. In the above image, I intentionally blurred my friend’s phone number. This is what you need to if you are using an iPhone (instructions for Android users are different. Please refer to link I shared above). Make sure you have iTunes on your windows pc or Mac. Launch the tool and connect your iPhone to your computer with the usb cable. Wait till the tool recognized your iPhone and display your conversations. Click on the “WhatsApp” icon. Select the conversation that you want to export. Select the output format as “PDF” and click the “Copy” button. This is all what it takes! If you don’t care about the format, then you may also consider to export your chats to PDF. It is free & quick! You may refer to this tutorial to know about how to export WhatsApp chat history. Hope you guys will find the answer useful.

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

You will need to convert this to an .PSD file before using it. In some cases you may want to print the image directly onto a standard-size copy of a sheet of paper. This is possible by using the Export As program. Download it from. 2. Use the Import option to import the image directly into Illustrator. Select a copy of the image you wish to convert from the drop-down menu. Click the Import button located at the top right of the menu. The Image Editor opens, and automatically selects all the areas in the image where you are intending to export. From the toolbar at the bottom of the window, choose File, then Import, then select the document you want to convert. Once the image has been imported, you can use the Export options. You do not need to make a separate selection. All the areas in the image will automatically be exported as if you'd.

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