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How Can You Print A PDF Automatically At A Specific Time?

Yes you can
just open your pdf in any pdf viewing tools. I would recommend using google chrome. After opening, give the print command. Then select the pages you want to print by clicking custom pages e.g 4,7,6–10 etc. Giving double side print command is also easy in chrome. Just click the checkbox of print on both sides and select long side flip for portrait mode.

Extract PDF Pages: All You Need to Know

If you want DRM you need to be prepared to enforce it by technical means instead of using technical barriers. In the meantime it's worth noting that most major e-book publishers are also major DRM clients. It's much easier to get an e-book DRM client for your Mac (e.g. iBooks or Kobe) than it is to get an e-book DRM client for your Windows PC due to the sheer number of people using Windows PCs; and since some DRM clients, especially for e-books, are designed to offer a much greater degree of protection to DRM-protected works (i.e. not only to DRM, but to 'content-identifiers'), it's much easier to get e-books DRM clients than e-books DRM clients. In addition to this there is now a whole ecosystem (including apps, e-books, streaming platforms, etc.) for managing e-book DRM. To get started, it will take a few moments to learn how to manage and configure.

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