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How Can I Extract Every Individual Portrait From My Schools Yearbook?

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How Can I Extract Every Individual Portrait From My Schools Yearbook?

Well it sounds like your main goal is to digitize old photo prints. Likely of many sizes, some may have scalloped edges or rounded corners. Might have a mixture of B&W and Color, maybe slides or film negatives are included in the collection. You said you want to archive. That implies a level of quality the typical novice may not have the skills, time or resources for. It may be a smart move to send this out to a photo scanner service. Your time may be best spent weeding, organizing, and detailing information of each photo in old family collection. One advantage of a service to digitize the photo collection is the equipment quality and the scanning workflow employed will be established and expertly operated process. What I am referring to is having scanners calibrated, scanner equipment is ICC profiled using a spectrophotometer, a color managed workflow is in place, these are some of variables that will allow for archival quality scans. This you can not do on the cheap. If Photos are damaged, retouching is an option with many scanning services. Again skills that come with time and experience, and proper computer software tools and setup for archival quality are needed to get expert result. If doing it cheap and fast is the main goal to digitize old photo prints. Buy or rent and set up a copy stand (flat surface with lights and fixed camera mount) and use your phone camera to capture all the old family photos.

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When your digital photographs arrive, scan using the best equipment you can afford and set up your copy stand, so you can quickly move them into their own folders. When you are finished scanning family photos, upload them all to your photo server using Google Photos. This will give them instant archival quality. I was surprised at the result of scanning photos and uploading them back to my photo server. It turns out that the best option was to use a service like Photos.Io. Google Photos was my backup system when I used Photos.Io and found it much easier to use than Google Photos in general. Using Google Photos and Photos.Io allowed for me to have a back-up of my photos, without having to keep multiple copies of each and every family photo I scanned into my photo server. Once all the old photos had been scanned into Google Photos,.

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