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Do Plant Stem Cells Really Help Reverse Aging?

You mean “can’t be injected into bodies yet, to reverse aging”. there are several reasons stem cells do not counter aging. Stem cells are not magic. T are not magic pixie dust you can sprinkle on everything and make it be perfect. Aging has many causes. One of them is DNA and cellular damage caused by reactive oxygen species and other causes. It is thought that the various adult stem cells are the cells of origin of cancer. The data is very solid for at least hepatomas and leukemias. That means that stem cells can suffer mutations that alter cellular function — degrading it in some cases and causing it to go haywire and be cancer in others. Another form of aging is loss of telomeres. Telomeres are DNA that extend beyond the ends of chromosomes. Every time a cell divides, the DNA is not replicated out to the ends of the telomeres, so t get shorter and shorter. Eventually, the telomeres are gone and the DNA is not replicated even out to the end of the chromosome. At this point cells stop dividing, enter an altered metabolic state called “senescence” and then die. Every species of mammal has a fixed number of times the cells can divide before senescence. This number is called “Hayflick’s number” and is about 40 cell divisions in humans. All adult stem cells adhere to Hayflick’s number and have a limited number of cell divisions. IOW, adult stem cells age, too. The most commonly used stem cell — the adult mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) — is thought not to be a stem cell at all. It’s discoverer, Arnold Caplan, has stated it ought to be called a “mesenchymal secreting cell”. The question mentions “injected”. All the organs age. So how are stem cells to be “injected”? Into each tissue? Every muscle, organ, tendon, ligament, etc? OWW! Or are the stem cells to be injected into a vein and travel to all parts of the body? There are 2 technical problems with this. a. Injecting into a vein means that most of the cells are going to be trapped in the lungs before t go out to the rest of the body. T simply get stuck in the capillaries in the lungs. b. Blood vessels are sealed tubes. Think pipes. Just how are the stem cells supposed to exit the pipes? This is especially true for reversing aging in the most important organ — the brain. The neural tissue in the brain is separated from the blood vessels by another layer of tissue called the “blood brain barrier”. Even if stem cells got out of the blood vessels in the brain, t are not going to get to the neural tissue, which is the tissue that is needed to rejuvenate. There is no way any injected stem cells are just going to magically replace all the aged cells in the body. Stem cells lie dormant until activated. What would be the activation signal? Obviously aging itself doesn’t trigger a widespread signal to the stem cells already in your body. If aging did trigger stem cells, we would already see the effect. Lots of people want to be younger. There is lots of hype about “stem cells”. But as I said at the beginning, stem cells are not magic. And what is wanted in the question is a magic Fountain of Youth.

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So when you ask, “How is it possible to stop aging?”, the answer is: Because you didn't start to age. To be clear, if you have cancer, and you are being cured with stem cell therapy, this is a great news, because now you will be getting new cells for the cancer treatment, just like any other cancer diagnosis. However, if you have no cancer, and you receive a stem cell therapy, then this is not a good thing. I'm saying that you will suffer from age-related diseases (because of the aging process), and you will die before you get the new stem cell. There is no way around it. This is a huge contradiction and a big hole in the stem cell therapy: Because in the past, the only possible means was using viruses to introduce the stem cell into your body (or using radiation to remove it from.

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