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I don’t know exactly for OpenOffice, but since LibreOffice is a more advanced fork of OpenOffice, I would look at it instead. - Image source. Wikipedia - Timeline of major derivatives of StarOffice (LibreOffice in green) There is a feature comparison between LibreOffice Calc and Microsoft Excel here. Feature Comparison. LibreOffice Calc - Microsoft Excel Preview.

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LibreOffice Call — Microsoft Excel XLSX Document. LibreOffice Call — Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet and Database. In the past, Microsoft Word was the open source version of Microsoft Excel. It was called “Office 97”. In the days of its inception, Excel introduced a full-blown RTF format for spreadsheets, making it much easier to type and edit them. Microsoft Word never adopted the file format and went proprietary. The OpenOffice group (which was owned by Oracle at the time) took the lead on making the transition from Excel, and eventually it became the most popular spreadsheet program in the world, with 1 out of every 2 people in the world using the program. Microsoft Office 2007 introduced new features, and it finally broke away from Excel and re-introduced the file format that many people had used before, Word 97, for open office (but not LibreOffice). The “Microsoft Office”.

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