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Music hey Houston guys welcome to another Python Sutra video and MJ in this video I want to show you how to extract sub several pages from a PDF file into one single PDF file so you have a PDF file and this PDF file is the documentation of functional programming how to Python documentation and from this PDF file I have 21 pages and my goal here is let's say I want to try page one three five into one PDF file and as I'm going to do in this video so first let's import the library I'll be using the pipe PDF to library and found that library I want to import a PDF file reader class and PDF file writer class so first I want to create variable to store the PDF file path and since my PDF file and my Python script are located in the same folder I can just pra file name and next I want to create another available to gives me that base name so the file based thing is basically just the file name without the extension so I can take the PDF file path be able that we place and I can just replace the file extension with a blank string next sown to create PDF file writer instance I'll take the PDF file writer class and I'll prthe PDF file path l named table jaw as PDF now to specify the pages that I want to extract so creoles and in the list I want to supply the pages I want extra so 0 2 & 4 and it says the base are raised down from 0 so this will be the first page second so page and in the fifth page so page 1 3 & 5 & to write to a PDF file so we need to create a PDF file writer instance so file writer you see goes to assume is named is as PDF writer easy goes to PDF file writer now it's need to your rate on each page so here I'll write a loop for page number in pages I'll take the PDF writer option now add those pages found the PDF option get page and I'll prthe page number and once that's done so I need to create the PDF file I'm sure all supplied the file based name and followed by something that I can identify this file is a subset of the ocean PDF file so let's name this subset that period and I'm going to write as binary so WB mo + F now I want to take the PDF writer option that writes and put by the eff up jaw and finally we need to close the file and that's it oops so you have a typo so this should be PDF file reader class now if I say remember on the scope so here I'm not an era and this should ...