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Linux Command Line (PDF): What You Should Know

The shell is used to launch applications, set environment, make configuration changes, start daemons, etc. The shell, for the beginner or the power user, is in fact only a brief introduction to the power and complexity of the entire Linux operating system. The user is not the user, the shell is the one. So, in short, the shell is a little thing that does a lot of things, so it pays to know it. That is what I wish to explain and teach you when I present this book in Linux Command line tutorials in the future. In this book I am going to show you how you can use a terminal in Linux to perform basic actions (such as navigating with the mouse, editing files and running scripts). In addition, I am going to focus on the commands which are commonly used by all users, to get them familiar with the shell in Linux, its capabilities, and how to start using them with the bash shell in Linux. So, I'm going to start getting you ready in Linux Command Line tutorial by teaching you, in my own way, how to type in a simple text file and the contents into the terminal by using a shell. This is a kind of shell in Linux. There's no shell in Linux, this is just something that exists in Linux: the terminal. You can get started and get started fast using this one-line shell, in the future.

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