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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing the linux command line pdf github
Instructions and Help about the linux command line pdf github

In my programming for absolute beginners class I get a lot of questions about using coding com with github together I'm going to go ahead and make a folder that i'm going to call example and then i'm going to move into example and i'm going to create a text document that we're going to store and github alright so i'm going to hit I to go into insert mode here in VI this is a text document let me zoom out a little bit here that zoom is making it hard to see all the texts there we go it will be stored in gets okay I'm gonna hit escape I'm gonna hit colon to go into command mode and VI w to write Q to quit and now i'm outside of VI and let's look in the folder with the LS command and there's text demo txt now get is already available inside of a coding com if i type get it recognizes the git command and allows me to issue any of the standard git commands right here so let's go ahead and choose get omit to initialize our repository now the repository isn't visible but basically there's an invisible file in there that has the repository we could choose get status from here and it'll show us the status of that git repository so here it's showing you that text demo txt is an untracked file it's not currently part of the repository so I don't use git add asterisk that should add all of the files to the repository and now git status notice now the new file is text demo and we need to get commit it's going to ask me for a reason for the commit and I'm simply going to type first commit here in the Nano text editor and then ctrl x to exit so what we've done is we've created a git repository here on my virtual machine we've checked our file into it so right now our text demo file is in our local git repository now this has nothing to do with github if I want to move this on to github I'm going to create a repository there so I'm in my github structure here I'm going to choose i'm going to call this example so i can easily get rid of it later this will be public we create this repository so now I've got a repository locally and a repository that is on my computer here encoding com so what I'm going to do next is I'm going to real quickly here copy this because it gives me the command so copy that and this says here in terminal that I'm going to add the github repository as a remote deposit repository for the 1i have locally that's a little confusing but basically this says ok ty the github repository to the repository I have locally here on coding com that I.