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How do you draw manga?
9 Steps How to Draw a Manga Character Like A Pro When ites to drawing manga you get the opportunity to take part in a broad style That offers a long tradition and many subgenres to find your expression. There are several influences sources of inspiration and possibilities to allow you to fully customize your character. Just as with any kind of character creation it's important to work from an initial concept when you begin drawing. Finalizing a character concept may take numerous sketches iterations or even poses. Taking time to refine your character will help you to strike the right amount of style and story in your drawing. The key to character drawing is using the character's pose and personal details to tell as much on first glance as possible. SO WHERE DO YOU BEGIN WITH CREATING A MANGA CHARACTER? 1. BRAINSTORM YOUR CHARACTER AND BUILD A CONCEPT FOR THEIR POSE You character brainstorming can take many forms including finding references inspiration and getting to know about your character. The more you know the character the better you will be able to represent them visually. This is one reason that it can be much easier to get started with drawing fan art than drawing original characters. Those that you represent in fan art already have a story posture and style that you can draw from. If you intend to make an original character you'll have to make choices about all these character traits. What's your character's posture like? Fitness level and overall style? Do they perfectly fix their hair in the morning or is it slightly messy? What kind of clothes do they wear? What are they normally doing? It's a good idea to portray the character in the act of doing something that most defines them. 2. SKETCH A WIREFRAME Once you understand your character you can shift to brainstorming yourposition. The best way to start this is by sketching a few different wireframes for your character. This is a good time to experiment with poses movement and flow. You don't want to start with details too soon. Make sure your wireframe and silhouette are how you like them. If you begin with a good shape you can start on the right footing. Onemon way to make wireframes is to create the pose using circles for major features including the head elbows hands feet and knees. Use a square for the torso and an inverted triangle for the pelvis. You can and should immediately take your style up a notch by visualizing this wireframe in three dimensions. This means that when you draw circles make them low-detail spheres. Draw the pelvis as an oblong cone and make the rectangular chest more like a three-dimensional cube. Try to avoid drawing your character head-on from the front. Instead start by drawing them in a three-quarter view. This will make it easier to express dimensionality and dynamics. 3. CORRECT PROPORTIONS Pick your favorite of the wireframe sketches and begin correcting the proportions. In this step you will be tweaking the shape and dimensions of the shapes used to represent body parts. If you don't know what shape certain body parts should be don't hesitate to find a photo for reference. Keep in mind that using certain primitive shapes in this initial sketch symbolically portray aspect of your character. For example a character with a square-shaped head will offer a different tone than a character with a round or triangular head. Correct your wireframe based on the character. A stronger character will have a bulkier frame whereas a more fragile character will have a thinner smaller or more elongated frame. In general you can differentiate a male character from a female character in this frame as well. A female character will tend to have more narrow shoulders and wider hips. The opposite will be for a male character which will have narrower hips and wider shoulders. Manga characters tend to blend proportions depending on the manga style you're hoping to achieve. For example many manga styles represent characters with elongated legs whenpared to human anatomy. 4. OUTLINE THE SHAPES TO CREATE A SKIN LAYER For most manga art clean outlines are very important. It's a good idea now to create an outline that makes your skin layer. This is not your final outline or final detail layer. It is there for reference to summarize all the work and anatomy that you have created so far. The skin layer will clean up your sketch and give you a basic shape on which to draw details in the next steps. Try as much as you can to preserve the three-dimensional look that you created in the wireframe. 5. DRAW FACIAL PROPORTIONS In manga the basic face is drawn using a sphere attached to a cone. One-third from the bottom of the sphere draw a line that curves around its front. This will be your eye line. To indicate where the eyes will go draw a line of symmetry that curves vertically down the front of the face. Remember that in most cases this will not be in the direct center of your face sphere. If you're drawing from a three-quarter view this line will be located closer to one side. Using the horizontal line draw a circle on either side of the symmetry line. Remember that manga eyes tend to be disproportionately large. Lightly detail the eye shape since these are an important part of creating your character. Eyes that droop slightly down to the outside will appear to be more kind and eyes that pull at the inner corners will appear more aggressive. Next draw a small circle at the bottom of the sphere where it intersects with the cone. This circle indicates where the bottom of the nose should go. In most manga art unless the character is designed to have a distinctive nose the shape of the nose will be minimal using a single curve or line. 6. ADD CLOTHING DECORATION AND HAIR Using your skin layer outline as a ge draw in your character's clothing. Remember that these clothes should move with the character in their pose to create a dynamic should have a slightly thicker outline than those in the background. Similarly use line to draw the eye to the most important parts of the in black and white. As you indicate shading make a note for yourself about where the light source is located. Try to keep the shading realistic so that your drawinges off as more believable. It can be helpful to use a photo reference for shading if you have trouble visualizing where the light and shadows will hit. If you are working in color avoid using black for shading. Instead use a deeper version of the way that the color looks in the light. 9. NOW YOU CAN FOCUS ON SPECIFIC DETAILS Manga art style contrasts areas of minimalistic detail with areas of high detail. In most cases the face and skin will be more minimalistic allowing all the detail to be focused on the eyes. For your character pick the areas of concentrated detail that will best represent their story. This will help to make your character as expressive as possible.
What are the most important commands for a newbie Linux user?
ls code chmod code sudo code nano code and man code . ls will list the non-hidden content of the current directory with the - a code switch it will also list the hidden files and directories as well. Using the -A code switch will omit . code and .. code from the results. chmod code will chat the permissions of a file or a directory if -r code is used. The permissions are the following code execute write and execute read and execute read write and execute ordered-list And there's also (zero) for no permissions. Chmod is follow by three numbers. The first applies to the owner the second to the group and the third is for everyone else. Onemon mistake is chmod 777 instead of chown code (change ownership). This picture shows the difference. sudo code is the equivalent of Windows elevated Command Prompt Except that only the program specified after sudo runs as root instead of the whole terminal window and everything in it. If you want to avoid having to in sudo every time you need to run something as root in a session you can use sudo su code instead. su code changes the user to the one specified after it. If there's no user specified than it will change to the root user that is by default inaccessible on most distros. sudo su will let you access root (or any other account) without its is one step closer to Windows approach. If you have to run graphical programs such as graphical package managers as root don't use sudo as it might cause permission issues. Use the admin prefix instead (since gksu has been deprecated). The man code mand lets you read the manpage ofmands. Which is quite useful to see what it does and what switches it has.
What are some very useful websites that impart knowledge and skills that are useful in real life (like Quora, Lifehacker, Khan Academy, etc.) that one should visit every day?
Instead of giving you a long list I want to give you my personal Top 4 Websites that I still use every day and that helped me get where I am today Stumbleupon StumbleUpon is by far the best site to find what you are interested in and get a constant influx of amazing websites designed by yourself for yourself. If you know of how the Music Station Pandora works then the concept should be familiar to you. nBasically what happens is you name all your interests when you sign-up and you hit the Stumble italic button. StumbleUpon will then find a website a random one on the internet that falls into one of your interests and shows it to you. You can Like italic or Dislike italic this site and StumbleUpon will give you more of what you Like italic and less of what you Dislike. italic nIt takes a bit to personalize it but the longer you use it the more personalized it bes. I would rmend leaving topics such as Humor italic or Internet italic out because you will like them most of the time creating another 9gag search engine for you instead of one filled with topics that actually interest you. nStumbleUpon is the best website you can get because it gives you access to every other website. You will find your favorite websites using this site. YouTube YouTube s This has to be on the list. YouTube has by far the most content on the web about everything and everyone. Instead of using YouTube as a tool for entertainment start subscribing to some people that actually produce things of immense value! Find Documentaries Tips and Tricks and even some free lessons on YouTube to expand your knowledge!nEverything on YouTube is free!!!!!! You just have to learn how to use it right and how to find things that are filled with value. Every Big Name in the world that isn known by the entire italic world will have some content on YouTube. Find them. Subscribe. And learn every day! Facebook Groups Log into Facebook | Facebook s The same concept as with YouTube applies to Facebook Groups. There are so many things on Facebook that you can use as tools and it is by far italic the best place to find new amazing people. People that push you only post valuable stuff and all of them can be your friends!nFind some groups that benefit you that talk about your interests and start posting there as well. You will find acquaintances instantly and you can turn them into great friends so you can push one another to be your best. nMy advice is to look for Mastermind or Personal Development or Self-Improvement groups and join as many as you can. Then weed out the ones that you do not like and you will be left with groups of amazing people! Grant Cardone TV Grant Cardone TV Grant Cardone is one of the top 1 Salespeople in the world and one of the top 1 most influential CEOs in the world. He will teach you anything from Marketing & Sales to having amazing Energy & Passion every day. This man is pretty hardcore but on his Network there are many different shows that will undoubtedly improve your life!n italic I learn more from this man and his free italic content than I learn from any other paid italic service I have going on right now. To me this is the best site to just sit back and relax after a long day while still learning things that will change my life.
Why don 19t people use gold dredges anymore?
Dredging occurs in rivers and causes huge damage in the process both to the land surrounding the rivers as well as the life the river supports. For the same reason sluicing is also falling out of favour; washing land away for the chance of finding gold enriches a few but again causes huge damage removes topsoil pollutes rivers and can trigger serious instability in the terrain. Many countries have understood that ruining land with increasing population pressure as well as messing up rivers is just too high a price to pay. Even sea dredging at the mouths of rivers can be very disrupting for fish life and alter river flows sometimes disastrously.
What is the best real estate marketing tool?
The best tool is a toolbox Think about it italic You want an expert to achieve the task you need toplete. Online Lead Gen? Probably want an expert on that. Social? Need an expert. Transaction management? Need a specialist. Here's a (kind of)plete list of tools I know of italic n Lead Capture Websites nThese websites focus on getting you leads. Most have landing pages active lead capture tools blogs that capture leads and more. You really need to focus on your website as the hub of all your marketing efforts. Everything needs to feed into it! LeadSites - Lead Capture Websites Built For You BoomTown! - Real Estate Web Platform n Real Estate Lead Generation Custom Real Estate Websites by Easy Agent Pro s n Agent Image s n You can also use these ges to generate more leads on social media How can I use LinkedIn to generate Real Estate leads? answer aid 16146612 What have real estate agents found to be the best online tool for getting leads? answer aid 16216221 n Paperless Pipeline n EEZCoordinator n
I'm a freelance front-end web developer and digital artistdesigner. Should I keep my portfolios separate?
I treat portfolios in a similar way as resumes. Do I have one resume that I use for every job I apply for? No. Unless you are applying for a cookie-cutter entry level position you need a different resume and possibly a different portfolio for each application. Everypany faces a unique set of challenges. Each job is an opportunity to solve a different problem and each application needs a different sales pitch tailored to that problem. If the job requires someone with strictly design skills highlight design projects in your resume and your portfolio. If it is a mix of design and development include a mix in your portfolio. By portfolio I am referring to the document you send to the hiring manager. It can be something you send in an email or attach to an application system. It might be a PDF a video animated graphic or to Dropbox or your website but it is tailored specifically to that job application. Your public website (or LinkedIn or Dribbble page) should showcase your best work in the areas that you most want to work and ideally on projects where your client or boss would rmend you. If your ideal job is strictly design these should be the projects on your public website. You can always have a to other s of work more deeply in your site. There are certainly skeptics who believe that Da Vincis and unicorns don't exist and most people tend to excel more in one than the other. I've known people who do quite well with both but you probably have a natural leaning. Go with that. There is always an opportunity to show more if the hiring manager is interested in seeing more.
Is there a goodfree book cover design software?
Apps like Placeit and Canva are great for designing simple ebook covers but they have their design limitations. You also run the risk of your cover looking amateur or too cookie-cutter-ish. (Note Placeit is actually not free; there is a subscription fee.) italic If you need software that designs both print italic book italic AND ebook italic covers consider BookCoverly . This is downloadable software I developed expressly for authors to design their own high-quality covers while maintaining full creative controlwith total security italic AND confidentiality italic People don realize that anything designed online runs the risk of being sabotaged. italic BookCoverly is downloaded and 1% safe. For under $1 and never a subscription fee BookCoverly is far less expensive than Photoshop and has all the necessary elements for designing a beautiful cover regardless of skill. Mac + Windowspatible Instant download plug + go Create beautiful print covers Create beautiful ebook covers Start from a blank canvas Start from a template Built-in ISBN barcode creator Auto spine generator Set flaps for book jackets Customize cover specs Inches cm or points PNG JPG GIF or TIF import PDF TIF PNG JPG export Create in 3 or 6 DPI Easily export to ebook Ebook conversion in any view Supports all TTF and OTF fonts Compatible with all publishers and devices BookCoverly also includes dozens of professionally rendered templates in the Signature or Enterprise versions. I fully support and guarantee my software and italic I provide free meta-tagging and design evaluations for optimum ranking. Read more at %2%28). If you have any questions please feel free to reach out @ I would love to hear from you! To beautiful books Angela
What is the best link building approach?
If you don already have your site added to all your social profiles go do that now. Here I share Top 5 Link Building Tips. According Search Engine Journal 5 Types of Links & How To Earn Them 1. .EDU LinksWhile .edu s are not inherently more powerful .edu sites do tend to have high domain authority making these s valuable. 2. .GOV Links much like .edu .gov sites tend toward high domain authority. 3. .ORG Links these carry the same benefits as .gov and .edu s but are easier to sponsoring a charity program offer your services pro bono or volunteer. 4. Editorially-Given Links editorial s happen naturally when you publish high-quality engaging a diverse content marketing plan for the best chance at earning these. 5. Links from Traditional Media or Press the best way to get s from the press (e.g. newspapers magazines radio TV) is by creating a resource or study that journalists will cite. 6. Internal Links internal s are some of the easiest to you use WP I rmend a related post plugin to find more internal ing opportunities on your own site. 7. Links from Complementary Businesses Within Your Niche Complementary businesses have a similar target audience but don directlypete with you. 8. Links from Competitors in Your Industry if you can getpetitors to to you you know you are doing something right. 9. Niche Forum Profile Links the value of these s lies in the audience which are people who are highly involved in your industry. 1. Social Media Profile Links if you don already have your site added to all your social profiles go do that now. Check Facebook Instagram Twitter LinkedIn Snapchat Goodreads Reddit Tumblr Pinterest Flickr Quora Periscope 11. Social Media Post Links You want to post new content to your social channels. 12. Links from Reddit This is separate from other social media s because it requires a very careful approach. 13. Links from LinkedIn Company Directory Another simple but overlooked .If you haven already create apany page and add a to your site. 14. (Relevant) Industry Directories No don go out and get dozens of crappy directory DO look for legit industry is a good source for finding niche find one for your industry or niche? Create your own. 15. Links from Local Directories Think Yelp Bing is particularly important for local brick-and-mortar stores but can help online brands too. 16. Links from Template Directories (Create a WordPress Theme)If you have the dev skills (or someone on your team does) create a WordPress theme or plugin that others in your industry would find mission one and white label it. 17. Links from Ebooks Write an ebook then add a .Simple stuff right?Writing a book can be time consuming so consider hiring an editor to help you turn a series of blog posts into a book. 18. Links from Local News Sites Similar strategy for getting traditional media s but focus more on your local area. 19. Guest Blogging Links 2. Manual Outreach Links Manual outreach is a numbers game but it does work. 21. Google My Business LinkDon forget to claim your listing and add your website . 22. Links with Brand Name Anchor Tags See your brand listed or talked about somewhere? Ask for a . 23. Links with Key Term Anchor Tags Branded anchor tags are good but so are key term anchor tags. 24. How-to Ge Links is there a topic or process you spent a ton of time researching or perfecting?Publish a resource or how-to ge for others in the same position. 25. Resource Gepile a list of resources or ideas people in your industry would find useful. 26. Info graphic Links You can create these based on your own research or curate stats from other sites. 27. Infographic Citation Links I mention performing and publishing your own research a few times in this post. 28. Links from Q&A Sites go on sites like Quora and offer useful answers to questions. 29. Links from Emails If you have a newsletter list use consider sponsoring a newsletter for aplementary business. 3. Graphic Links Anytime your logo shows up online ask for it to be a clickable graphic with a to your site. 31. Links from Videos YouTube is often touted as the second largest search engine so make sure to upload any video you record there with an clickable . 32. Links from Slide Share did you give a speech teach a class or present a webinar? Re purpose the content by uploading those slides up on Slide Share. 33. Links from Reviews ask bloggers or influences in your industry to try your product and write a review. 34. Links from Wiki Sites There is much more than just Wikipedia. 35. Dofollow Links When possible ask for followed s in all of these strategies. 36. Nofollow Links most of the time followed s are better but nofollow s are better than no s at all so don turn these down. 37. Ask People You Know ask friends and close colleagues if you can to them and if they will to you. 38. Conduct an Interview Ask an industry friend or expert a few questions through email or by phone and publish the results. 39. Give an Interview Keep an eye open for social media posts from people in your network asking for interviews and give an interview yourself. 4. Links from Podcasts pitch to be a guest on industry podcasts (or start your own podcast). This is a good ge for pitching podcasts. 41. Contribute to a Crowdsourced or Quote Post contributing your thoughts to a quote post takes just a few minutes and will often earn you a to at least a social profile if not your site. 42. Write a Crowdsourced or Quote Post flip the script and write your own crowdsourced sure to send the final to all who contributed and tag them on social media. 43. Links to News set a Google notification to email you when industry news is trending and write a post about it. 44. Create a ToolCoSchedule headline analyzer is a perfect example of driving s through tool creation. 45. Create a Template if creating a tool is outside of your resources create a template people in your industry would share. 46. Links from Webinars either sponsor a webinar with another brand (like SEJ) or host your sure to upload your slides to SlideShare after. 47. Links to Original Research doing original research is just about guaranteed to draw simplest way is to start an annual industry poll and publish the an info graphic for additional opportunities. 48. Links to Glossaries draw up a list of top industry key terms and create a glossary of definitions (e.g. SEJ SEO Glossary). 49. Links to Your Case Studies first things first youll actually need to create a case study. 5. Links Your Competitors Have use a tool like Ahrefs find out what s yourpetitors have and target those sites through manual outreach guest blogging or interviews.
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