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PDF Cutter App: What You Should Know

Pre-split PDF 2.0 — App Store — Mac App Store Pre-split PDF 2.0 is an instant PDF reader and editor for Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote that makes it easy to split files and use them without having to quit your PC. PDF Splitter Professional on iPhone / iPad SpeedSplitter Premium is a new version of the standard Pre-split PDF application. This latest version features some new functionality and performance improvements. Pre-split 3.0 on iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad 2 / iPhone 4S Pre-split 3.0 is one of the best free PDF applications available today allowing you to read, edit and split the PDF files you may have saved and used on any device. Pre-split HD on PC / Mac Pre-split Ultimate is a completely new product for reading, editing and splitting PDF files on Windows and Mac. SpeedSplitter 2.

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What are some epic applications in Google store but not that popular?
There are lots of such applications that are really good however users are not very aware of these apps. Given below is a list of such apps with their uses. Snapseed - Snapseed s is quite possibly the best photo editing app for Android and while some of its features have been added into Google Photos it's a much more robust option for tweaking the looks of your smartphone photography. Google Handwriting Input - If you've struggled to adjust to using on-screen virtual keyboards Google Handwriting Input s provides a natural input method that anyone should be able to jump in and learn right away. My Tracks - For the adventurous folks out there My Tracks s offers a great way to monitor and record your full range of outdoor activitiesfrom hiking to biking and even rock climbing. PhotoScan by Google Photos - PhotoScan s is an extension of Google Photos. It a scanner app for your old printed photos. The app is really simple to use. You just hold your phone on top of a photo and move it in the way the app tells you to. The app then scansbines and enhances the photo. The end result is surprisingly good. Trusted Contacts - Trusted Contacts s is Google version of Find My Friends. I would rmend you install and configure the app on your family member devices especially if you have kids. Trusted Contacts isn just an active location-tracking app. Your trusted contacts can request your location and youre free to deny the request if you want. If you don respond within 5 minutes your location is shared automatically.
What is the best real estate marketing tool?
The best tool is a toolbox Think about it italic You want an expert to achieve the task you need toplete. Online Lead Gen? Probably want an expert on that. Social? Need an expert. Transaction management? Need a specialist. Here's a (kind of)plete list of tools I know of italic n Lead Capture Websites nThese websites focus on getting you leads. Most have landing pages active lead capture tools blogs that capture leads and more. You really need to focus on your website as the hub of all your marketing efforts. Everything needs to feed into it! LeadSites - Lead Capture Websites Built For You BoomTown! - Real Estate Web Platform n Real Estate Lead Generation Custom Real Estate Websites by Easy Agent Pro s n Agent Image s n You can also use these ges to generate more leads on social media How can I use LinkedIn to generate Real Estate leads? answer aid 16146612 What have real estate agents found to be the best online tool for getting leads? answer aid 16216221 n Paperless Pipeline n EEZCoordinator n
What are the most important commands for a newbie Linux user?
ls code chmod code sudo code nano code and man code . ls will list the non-hidden content of the current directory with the - a code switch it will also list the hidden files and directories as well. Using the -A code switch will omit . code and .. code from the results. chmod code will chat the permissions of a file or a directory if -r code is used. The permissions are the following code execute write and execute read and execute read write and execute ordered-list And there's also (zero) for no permissions. Chmod is follow by three numbers. The first applies to the owner the second to the group and the third is for everyone else. Onemon mistake is chmod 777 instead of chown code (change ownership). This picture shows the difference. sudo code is the equivalent of Windows elevated Command Prompt Except that only the program specified after sudo runs as root instead of the whole terminal window and everything in it. If you want to avoid having to in sudo every time you need to run something as root in a session you can use sudo su code instead. su code changes the user to the one specified after it. If there's no user specified than it will change to the root user that is by default inaccessible on most distros. sudo su will let you access root (or any other account) without its is one step closer to Windows approach. If you have to run graphical programs such as graphical package managers as root don't use sudo as it might cause permission issues. Use the admin prefix instead (since gksu has been deprecated). The man code mand lets you read the manpage ofmands. Which is quite useful to see what it does and what switches it has.
What are some very useful websites that impart knowledge and skills that are useful in real life (like Quora, Lifehacker, Khan Academy, etc.) that one should visit every day?
Instead of giving you a long list I want to give you my personal Top 4 Websites that I still use every day and that helped me get where I am today Stumbleupon StumbleUpon is by far the best site to find what you are interested in and get a constant influx of amazing websites designed by yourself for yourself. If you know of how the Music Station Pandora works then the concept should be familiar to you. nBasically what happens is you name all your interests when you sign-up and you hit the Stumble italic button. StumbleUpon will then find a website a random one on the internet that falls into one of your interests and shows it to you. You can Like italic or Dislike italic this site and StumbleUpon will give you more of what you Like italic and less of what you Dislike. italic nIt takes a bit to personalize it but the longer you use it the more personalized it bes. I would rmend leaving topics such as Humor italic or Internet italic out because you will like them most of the time creating another 9gag search engine for you instead of one filled with topics that actually interest you. nStumbleUpon is the best website you can get because it gives you access to every other website. You will find your favorite websites using this site. YouTube YouTube s This has to be on the list. YouTube has by far the most content on the web about everything and everyone. Instead of using YouTube as a tool for entertainment start subscribing to some people that actually produce things of immense value! Find Documentaries Tips and Tricks and even some free lessons on YouTube to expand your knowledge!nEverything on YouTube is free!!!!!! You just have to learn how to use it right and how to find things that are filled with value. Every Big Name in the world that isn known by the entire italic world will have some content on YouTube. Find them. Subscribe. And learn every day! Facebook Groups Log into Facebook | Facebook s The same concept as with YouTube applies to Facebook Groups. There are so many things on Facebook that you can use as tools and it is by far italic the best place to find new amazing people. People that push you only post valuable stuff and all of them can be your friends!nFind some groups that benefit you that talk about your interests and start posting there as well. You will find acquaintances instantly and you can turn them into great friends so you can push one another to be your best. nMy advice is to look for Mastermind or Personal Development or Self-Improvement groups and join as many as you can. Then weed out the ones that you do not like and you will be left with groups of amazing people! Grant Cardone TV Grant Cardone TV Grant Cardone is one of the top 1 Salespeople in the world and one of the top 1 most influential CEOs in the world. He will teach you anything from Marketing & Sales to having amazing Energy & Passion every day. This man is pretty hardcore but on his Network there are many different shows that will undoubtedly improve your life!n italic I learn more from this man and his free italic content than I learn from any other paid italic service I have going on right now. To me this is the best site to just sit back and relax after a long day while still learning things that will change my life.
Is there a goodfree book cover design software?
Apps like Placeit and Canva are great for designing simple ebook covers but they have their design limitations. You also run the risk of your cover looking amateur or too cookie-cutter-ish. (Note Placeit is actually not free; there is a subscription fee.) italic If you need software that designs both print italic book italic AND ebook italic covers consider BookCoverly . This is downloadable software I developed expressly for authors to design their own high-quality covers while maintaining full creative controlwith total security italic AND confidentiality italic People don realize that anything designed online runs the risk of being sabotaged. italic BookCoverly is downloaded and 1% safe. For under $1 and never a subscription fee BookCoverly is far less expensive than Photoshop and has all the necessary elements for designing a beautiful cover regardless of skill. Mac + Windowspatible Instant download plug + go Create beautiful print covers Create beautiful ebook covers Start from a blank canvas Start from a template Built-in ISBN barcode creator Auto spine generator Set flaps for book jackets Customize cover specs Inches cm or points PNG JPG GIF or TIF import PDF TIF PNG JPG export Create in 3 or 6 DPI Easily export to ebook Ebook conversion in any view Supports all TTF and OTF fonts Compatible with all publishers and devices BookCoverly also includes dozens of professionally rendered templates in the Signature or Enterprise versions. I fully support and guarantee my software and italic I provide free meta-tagging and design evaluations for optimum ranking. Read more at %2%28). If you have any questions please feel free to reach out @ I would love to hear from you! To beautiful books Angela
What are some good projects to create in Java to learn from for an intermediate programmer?
Write something you want. I wanted a ssh client I could get too from anywhere (this is when Java was new and they said all the web browsers would have Java & laptops were expensiveand WiFi wasn everywhereand smartphones weren). So I wrote a ssh client & terminal emulator as my first Java program. I also had the goal of having it run faster then MS console plus telnet (I won but probably only because MS didn know they were in apetition). If you have a problem you want to fix then it is a great project. If it is a big project (ssh client plus terminal emulator is a pretty big project for a first app in a new language) itll just take longer. If it is small one itll be faster youll need to do more of them. If you really don have any problems you want to fix fall back on the classics Implement board games (like a modernplex gameforbidden island 12 realms or defenders of the realm would all be interesting but not too hard). Drive any robots you might own (3d printer?) Try to make a high speed implementation of Conway game of life Make aplier for JVM assembly ;-) Do a FFT or other analysis of audio input and turn it into pleasant patterns and lights as the music plays Given inputs of how many cards of N s make a PDF suitable for a laser cutter to build boxes for the cards leaving minimal scrap left over. Or for hard mode also accept bounding boxes (in 3D) for tokens and for the overall box. Make your boxes fit in the overall box and leave minimal scrap and (optionally) have your resulting boxes fully pack the overall box (so your stuff doesn slide around). You probably don own a laser cutter so debugging will require cutting apart the resulting paper tape and some estimating (assume you are targeting 1 plyor better yet that should be an input option as well). Itll be the kind of fun debugging challenge you get in real life when some other team promises you hardware or software that will be ready any month now and your deadline is not so long after that deadline ideally you want working or at least very nearly working code before they are done. Yeah that JVM assembler sounds easier all the time doesn it? Or maybe you should go back ande up with your own problems now ;-)
What are the best iPhone apps for architects?
Hi! I did quite some research on this and came up with a list of best the apps for architects for 218. You can find the list here Best Apps for Architects and Construction - Our selection for 218 . Here the summary 1 3 BIMx Best For BIM presentation on mobile devices Works On iOS s and Android s Price Free (BIMx) or $ (BIMx PRO) If youre using ARCHICAD then you should consider BIMx from Graphisoft an app that allows architects to present or share designs with clients and contractors. The app offers full control of your BIM projects with a cloud interface for working on site. BIMx helps bridge the gap between the design studio and the construction site sparing you the misery thates from printing out plans. Watch the VIDEO s . Features Full access to any BIM content like 3D models construction drawings schedules element or space information All-round 3D cutaways Hyper-model technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation Additional BIMx Pro features Live presentation with predefined model views Smart measure on Layouts and in the 3D model AirPrint and Google Could Print horizontal-rule 2 3 AutoCAD Mobile Best For Viewing creating editing and sharing AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices Works On iOS s Android s Windows 1 s Price AutoCAD mobile Premium is $5 or $5 and Ultimate is $15 or $1 AutoCAD Mobile s is a drawing and drafting app that enables you to view create edit and share AutoCAD drawings on mobile devices. It a fitting extension to your AutoCAD desktop that lets you share plans across multiple platforms in the DWG format. When you use this app you can forget bringing drawings to the site and can use this instead to adjust measurements and annotate on the job. Watch the VIDEO s . Features Access drawings from your mobile device in the field or outside the office Support for multiple layers to see more detail and conual information than with paper drawings Draft edit mark-up and measure plans at the job site or on the go Share updated drawings with colleagues and clients Set your location and walk inside your drawing Get updated drawings in AutoCAD when you get back to the office horizontal-rule 3 3 Construction Master Pro App Best for Solving construction-math problems on the jobsite or in the office includingpleting layouts plans bids and estimates Works On iOS s Android s Windows s Price $ Installing a calculator app on your phone saves you from lugging around a physical calculator. The Construction Master Pro App s lets you solve tough construction-math problems on the jobsite or in the office thereby reducing costly errors and saving time and money. CM Pro can help you do almost everything from laying out stairs to figuring out how much drywall to use to calculating right angle solutions. This app will help you and your crew on every phase of your project estimating bidding and building process. Watch the VIDEO s . Features Dimensional math and conversions A host of right-angle tools including irregular hip and jacks Expanded and arched rake-wall Area and volume solutions Advanced stair layouts Roof calculations (bundles squares pitch plan area etc.) Trigonometric functions Built-in helpjust press and hold the desired key for explanations Advanced Tape function enables you to display review save and email inputs horizontal-rule 4 3 ArchiSnapper Best For Creating field reports site inspections and punch lists Works On Web s iOS and Android Price Starting at $24 Creating field reports from site visits can be a long and tedious process. ArchiSnapper is a simple tool that allows you to draft reports with observations photos annotations assignees and locations on floor plans. After syncing the reports and to-do lists are available from the cloud account (on your desktop) for further editing and distribution. Just think No more struggling with Word or Excel to draft field reports 3which will save you hours each week! Watch the VIDEO s . Features Collect data sketch on photos assign items and mark up blueprints on-site Format the layout of your PDF reports Automatic observation numbering Clone your previous report to start a new one Manage your observation categories and checklists Work together with your colleagues on the same ArchiSnapper account Collaborate with (sub)contractors horizontal-rule 5 3 Magicplan Best For Creating professional floor plans by taking pictures Works On iOS s and Android s Price $ or $ (for unlimited plans) Over 15 million (!) downloads can be wrong. magicplan s is a room-scanning app that uses input from either your smartphone or tablet to deviseplete floor plans. With its augmented reality technology magicplan lets you create your floor plan within seconds Pictures of the corners of the room are turned into measurements and can be fine-tuned in the 2D overview. Or scan multiple rooms toplete floor plans of entire buildings and even add furniture if you want. This app takes a bit of practice to get the hang of but once youre familiar with how it works it a great tool. Watch the VIDEO s . Features Magical room capture room drawing draw over existing floor plan room assembling room duplication imperial units Add objects (from the library) annotations photos and attributes to generate reports orplete estimates Estimated materials and costs Export floor plans as PDF or CAD files Backup your plans to the cloud and work together with multiple users on the same account horizontal-rule 6 3 Morpholio Trace Pro Best for Drawing revisions and sketching with layers Works On iOS s Price Free with monthly or yearly subscription for full PRO features Morpholio Trace is a great sketching app for architects. Used with an iPad or iPad Pro and Apple Pencil it allows users to instantly draw on top of imported s or contact sheets Use any two points to set a scale in imperial or metric units Import s 64 96 master_ s zoomable s 359 75 master_ s zoomable s 427 866 master_ s zoomable s as a reference Export inmon 3D formats (XT STEP IGES STL) and use them in CAD apps Send your model to your 3D printer cutter software horizontal-rule 1 3 Autodesk FormIt Best for 3D modeling software that enables sketching collaborating analyzing and sharing early-stage design concepts from your phone or tablet Works On Web iOS s Price Click here to s pare FormIt (free) with FormIt PRO (Note FormIt Pro is available only as part of the Autodesk Architecture Engineering & Construction Collection s which also includes Revit Autocad etc.) While SketchUp has been all-dominating in this space we see Autodesk FormIt which offers intuitive 3D sketching in a web browser or mobile app as a worthy contender. Conceptual design should drive BIM With FormIt you can begin the conceptual design (defining floor layers orientation building envelope and floor plans) and once the design is settled continue the working drawings process inside Revit. (When a conceptual design is in SketchUp the geometry really isn going to work seamlessly in Revit.) Watch the VIDEO s . Features Core functionality is free and includes the 3D sketching tools advanced geometry two-way connection to Revit and the FormIt Converter for importing existing SketchUp files Formit PROes with advanced features like integrated energy analysis parametric conceptual design real-time collaboration customized design and a Windows installed version The FormIt and Dynamo Studio connection enables customized parametric content to be placed and manipulated in FormIt which enables you to review numerous design options quickly before making decisions horizontal-rule 11 3 iHandy Level Best For Checking the level of surfaces Operating System iOS s and Android s Price Free This app allows you to check the level of surfaces using only your cell phone. This pocket leveler features a traditional bubble level interface as well as a digital display of the current angle measured in degrees from the horizontal. Watch the VIDEO s . Features? No need to include extra features for this one. Its beauty is in its simplicity. Bonus Apps for The Road 12 3 Waze Best for Avoiding traffic jams Price Free Works On Android s and iOS s Waze is a free navigation app that saves you from wasting time in traffic. It uses user feedback like mentions of traffic jams police locations and roadblocks to find better routes for your next trip. Waze (or Google Maps which is very similar) is a must-have especially for architects contractors and construction engineers who are often on the road. Let not forget Time is your most valuable asset so being stuck in the middle of traffic is a huge pain. Not to mention traffic jams are stressful! (More about avoiding stress below.) Watch the VIDEO s . Features Fastest route to destination Reminder for when to leave based on actual traffic conditions Find the cheapest closest gas Get alerts when youre over the speed limit horizontal-rule 13 Expensify Best for Managing receipts and expenses Works On Web s iOS s and Android s Price Free for individuals $5 per user for smallpanies (like most architecture firms) This app was not designed specifically for architects but it a real productivity booster for anyone struggling with expenses. Architects are often on the road and keeping track of expenses like food travel and fuel can be a pain. Expensify s automates every step from receipt scanning through reimbursement. Even expense reports are finished in just one click Simply take a photo of a receipt and the app adds it to an expense report which can automatically be submitted approved and even reimbursed the very next day. Watch the VIDEO s . Features One-click receipt tracking Automatic expense reporting and submitting for approval Next-day reimbursement Integrations with all major accounting softwares horizontal-rule If all these apps can help you save time and reduce stress and youre desperate for piece of mind there only one last app we rmend 14 Calm 3 Meditate Sleep Relax ) Best For Practicing meditation and mindfulness Price $ $ or $ for a lifetime subscription Available on Web s iOS s and Android s Calm uses mindfulness and meditation to bring more clarity joy and peace to your daily life. Whether youre an experienced meditator or a beginner there are sessions for you on Calm. A subscription gives you access to a new inspiration and meditation session every day along with multi-day themed programs and individual ged and unged meditations. Calm has more than 2 reviews and is ranked in the top five health and fitness apps so it a safe choice for anyone hoping to get started with meditation. Get started with your first 1 minutes of mindful meditation s . I hope you like my list. You can read the full article here Best Apps for Architects and Construction - Our selection for 218 Thank you! Jerry
What are the best iPad apps for architects?
Hi I am a colleague of Jerry who already answered this question before. For everyone who is still looking for the best iPad apps for architects - we wrote a 22 update . There are a lot of great apps available for architects to use on iPad. Whether it for sketching 3D design floorplans or admin tasks. Here is our selection. If you want more detailed information you can read the article on our blog s . If you have any other rmendations don hesitate to leave ament! Here is the list Best Apps for CAD Drawings & 3D Models AutoCAD Mobile s n For Viewing creating and editing CAD drawings on mobile devices italic BIMx s n For BIM presentations on mobile devices italic Autodesk FormIt s n 3D modeling software that enables sketching collaborating analyzing and sharing early-stage design concepts from your phone or tablet italic Shapr3D s n 3D modeling with Apple Pencil italic ARki s n Visualization of 3D projects in Augmented Reality so that you can view share andmunicate the design journey with greater clarity italic Best Apps for Floor Plan Creation magicplan s n Creating professional floor plans with your mobile device camera italic RoomScan Pro s n Creating professional floor plans with your mobile device camera italic Best Apps for Sketching Morpholio Trace Pro s n Amazing sketch and drawing features from concept to construction italic Procreate s n Sketching with layers and drawing revisions on iPad with Apple Pencil italic Concepts s n Exploring ideas on an infinite canvas italic Paper s n Mobile sketching italic Best Apps for Tedious Admin tasks ArchiSnapper s n Field reports inspection reports and punch lists italic TSheets s n Time tracking project tracking italic Hubstaff s n Time tracking activity monitoring and invoicing italic Expensify s n Receipt and expense management italic Best Toolbox Apps Sun Seeker s n Tracking and analyzing solar path and shade italic Construction Master Pro App s n Solving construction-math problems on-site or at the office includingpleting layouts plans bids and estimates italic Classic Toolbox appsn Native apps for iOSpass level measure italic Best Apps for When Youre On the Go Waze s n To save time on the road italic Pocket Casts s n For listening to podcasts italic Bonus Houzz s n To inspire you and for marketing your Architecture firm italic Freedom s n To Block distractions italic If you feel that there any app missing don hesitate to let us know in thements! Hope this list helps you get the most out of your valuable time. If you want to read a more in-depth analysis of these apps you can read the article on the ArchiSnapper blog here s .
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